Christmas Card Display Ideas

13 Smart & Stylish Ways to Display Your Christmas Cards

It’s that time of year… all the Christmas Cards are arriving in your mailbox. You open them, smile at the pretty people and then toss it into a pile with all the rest.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to display all those smiling faces that tied into your holiday décor? Why yes, yes it would! :)

Grab a cup of hot cocoa and get inspired because here are 13 Smart and Stylish Ways to Display Your Christmas Cards…

1. How about a Chicken Wire Frame with a wreath above the mantle? Use a few clothespins and it’s so easy to hang your Christmas cards as they arrive. The full tutorial is available here.

holiday card display ideas

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2. Washi Tape Tree! If you have a blank wall, this would be a wonderful addition to your holiday décor. Plus, her how-to and supply list is so simple it’s just 2 sentences!

Washi tape card tree

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3. Create a lighted, framed card display. We love how this display will light up your loved ones! The DIY details can be found here.
Christmas card display frame

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4. We love this Christmas Card board! The fact that it’s movable and isn’t permanently attached is a major plus too! See how she turned a boring 6’ wood board into a stunning card holder here.

Card display holder
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5. If you have a doorway you can decorate with garland, it’s beyond simple to turn it into a Christmas Card display—just tuck them in around the garland and if needed, use some mini clothespins to secure.

card holder garland
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6. This twine Christmas tree display takes just a few minutes to create and can easily by customized to fit your holiday color scheme. Instructions here.
twine tree card display

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7. Why not create a washi tape holiday gallery wall? It’s easy to get creative and expand as the cards keep coming in! See more here.

washi tape christmas card wall
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8. If you have stairs, chances are you’ve already decorated it with a garland. Why not add your Christmas cards here? Grab some mini clothespins and pin away as they arrive! Full project is here.

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9. Create a jingle bell display on your mantle. How elegant does this look with a single card slid into each jingle bell? Find the how-to details here.
jingle bell card display

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10. Particle board plus ribbon equals gorgeous Merry Mail. See everything you need to make this card display here.

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11. Hang your cards from some branches (from your yard or the store). This natural looking Christmas card tree is stunning – you could also turn one of your large houseplants into a card tree during the holidays as well.
christmas card tree

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12. Use a lattice to create an inexpensive card display—this whole project was done for less than $20. Details here.

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13. Finally, decorate a clothespin wreath and clip on your cards for a 360-degree display. Get the how-to details for this project here.

clothes pin wreath
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How will you be displaying your Christmas cards this year?

Ashley is the editor of and loves the challenge of piecing together beautiful art work, family photos and other mementos to create the perfect gallery wall. She lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with her husband, 2 kids and Westie.

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