How to Hang a Gallery Wall Video

How to Hang the Perfect Gallery Wall in 8 Simple Steps

You’ve seen gorgeous gallery walls all over Pinterest, right? And you probably even have a space in your home, a blank wall perhaps, staring back at you, just begging for you to hang a gorgeous collection to finish out the room…

But, maybe like us, it feels a little intimidating! I mean, hanging all those frames in some order that actually looks good – and you know, nails in walls feels so permanent, right?

Well, thankfully, the ladies over at (the now defunct) A Fab Life created an easy way to layout, rearrange and then hang your gallery wall so you get it just right the first time!

You can see the full how-to video at the end of this post, but we’ve broken it down into 8 super-simple steps for you – check it out…

Follow these 8 Steps to easily hang a beautiful gallery wall:

Step 1: Get Ready

How to Hang a Gallery Wall Step 1

Gather the tools you’ll need:

  • Your frames and anything else that will be part of your gallery (e.g., knickknacks, clocks, arrows, keys, etc.)
  • Paper bags or craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s tape
  • Pen or marker
  • Hammer
  • Nails (or hooks—whatever you’ll need to hang your items)
  • Small Level (optional… or totally necessary if you have OCD tendencies like me…)

Step 2: Cut Open Your Paper Bags or Lay Out Your Craft Paper

How to Hang a Gallery Wall Step 2a

You may need to tape paper or bags together so it’s wide enough for your largest frame or item.

How to Hang a Gallery Wall Step 2b

Step 3: Place and Trace

How to Hang a Gallery Wall Step 3

Lay each of your gallery wall items down on paper and trace around it.

Step 4: Cut Each Item Out

How to Hang a Gallery Wall Step 4

Grab those scissors and cut away.

Step 5: Measure and Mark Where the Nail Will Go

How to Hang a Gallery Wall Step 5

Take your time here – you want to be sure you know exactly where to nail. So check it twice and mark once.

Step 6: Hang and Rearrange

How to Hang a Gallery Wall Step 6

Using the painter’s tape (either on the back of each cutout or just a small piece of tape up top) begin to lay out your items on the wall. Move things around, play with spacing, take a step back and ponder… until you get it just right.

Tip: Sometimes it helps to begin with the largest piece or the piece you know you want in the center and work out from there.

Step 7: Hammer and Nail

How to Hang a Gallery Wall Step 7

With your cutouts still taped to the wall in their final positions, begin placing nails for each item where you marked. When you’re done, pull the paper off the wall (but don’t forget what goes where!).

Step 8: Hang and Level


Hang each item and level each as necessary.

And that’s it! You’re done!

How to Hang a Gallery Wall Step Done

Congrats on getting your gallery wall up and on display. Now pour yourself a glass of wine, invite a friend over and graciously accept compliments galore!

You can watch the full video A Fab Life put together right here:

Ashley is the editor of and loves the challenge of piecing together beautiful art work, family photos and other mementos to create the perfect gallery wall. She lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with her husband, 2 kids and Westie.

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