how to arrange your gallery wall
Gallery Wall

5 Ways to Arrange Your Gallery Wall

Ready to tackle a gallery wall in your home, but not sure where to start?

After you’ve picked out a spot, your next step is deciding how to arrange all of your pieces into something cohesive and beautiful.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered!

We’re broken it down into 5 main ways you can arrange a gallery wall and we’re sure one of them will speak to you!

1. Begin with a Focal Piece

This works great if you have a single, large piece of art you want to highlight. Place it in the middle of the wall and then work your way out and around it to fill in the space.

focal gallery wall

Image: Source

2. Fill in a Rectangle

If you don’t have a single piece you want to highlight, measure out a rectangle on your focal wall. Once you know the size you want, you can begin filling in the shape.

I like to use string on the floor to mark out my rectangle and then I arrange and rearrange my pieces until I get them just how I want them. You can also measure out your rectangle using painter’s tape and mark the space directly on the wall.

rectangle gallery wall

Image: Source

Tip: You can “outer align” these as well, where the outside edge of all outside frames is level and straight. Like this:

gallery wall layout

Image: Source

3. Follow a Line

Another option for arranging your gallery wall is to follow a line and create an image reflection (where your straight line is in the middle, like this):


Image: Source

Or you can line everything up along a line at the bottom, like this:

layout idea for gallery wall

Image: Source

If you’re creating a gallery wall on a staircase wall, follow a line that’s at the same angle as your staircase.


Image: Source

4. Go Symmetric

A symmetric arrangement also works if you have multiple matching frames.

symmetric gallery wall

Image: Source

5. Build a Grid

Finally, arranging your art in a grid (e.g., 4 square, 9 square, 12 square, etc.) really brings that “gallery” feeling home and can be a clean and modern way to create a stunning wall.

grid gallery wall

Image: Source

gallery wall grid layout

Image: Source

Feeling inspired? How will you arrange your gallery wall?

Ashley is the editor of and loves the challenge of piecing together beautiful art work, family photos and other mementos to create the perfect gallery wall. She lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with her husband, 2 kids and Westie.

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