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10 Ways to Combine Vinyl & Photos for a Brilliant Gallery Wall Display

Love family photos? Check.

Love beautiful and clever vinyl quote decals? Check.

Why not combine the two and great a stunning gallery wall for your home?

Here are 12 different ways you can combine vinyl and photos to dress up the walls of your home… inspiration, here we come!

1. Family is… my favorite thing. Pick a few of your favorite words to describe your family, have them printed as vinyl wall decals in different fonts (or you can attempt to stencil if that’s your thing) and make a gorgeous collage. Or keep things simple and grab this “Family is…” pack of words from Amazon.

Vinyl and gallery wall

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2. Create a beautiful focal wall by surrounding a large quote with a few select family photos. This works great along a stair wall too.

wall quote gallery wall

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3. Create a stunning family tree wall. Although this tree appears to be stenciled on the wall, you can definitely get a decal to make the installation of this easier (check out this gorgeous one on Amazon). I love the idea of having a wall of history and stories you can see and talk about around the house.

Family Tree photo wall

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4. We love how she added a few sweet bird decals to rest on the top photos—simple, but it really dresses up the gallery.

wall decal gallery wall

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5. Two People in Love… If you have a small space for just a few photos, this is a really cute decal to display your family’s photos.

gallery wall decal

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6. You don’t have to use vinyl to add quotes or sayings to your walls. Here’s an example of a creative way to add pops of color with brightly colored vinyl arrows and shapes.

vinyl wall decals

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7. If you’re short on frames, or just want a different look, you can get vinyl decals that are the frames. Amazon has a set of 8 with pops of color or all black.

vinyl decal wall frames

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8. Share your faith – we love the use of a favorite Bible verse mixed in with family photos. Here she’s used it on the staircase.

wall quote gallery wall stairs

Image: Source

9. How about a favorite quote above your child’s art gallery wall? It really helps finish out the space.

children's artwork vinyl decal

Image: Source

10. Make your teen’s room cool (or at least try…) Use a vinyl word or phrase, like “Rock Star,” to finish out a photo wall in your tween or teen’s room. You can also add colorful graphics like the guitar.

teen gallery wall

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How will you incorporate vinyl wall decals into your gallery wall? Leave a comment and let us know your ideas!

Ashley is the editor of and loves the challenge of piecing together beautiful art work, family photos and other mementos to create the perfect gallery wall. She lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with her husband, 2 kids and Westie.

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